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The human body is not built to remain folded up for most of the day. As technology has progressed, we spent more and more time stationary, in less than ideal positions. Me sitting here writing this newsletter, you sitting there reading this newsletter (sorry): we're perfect examples. 

Now there's certainly nothing wrong with sitting down and relaxing. Whether it's a book or cellphone, the position is the same. The issue arrises when you spend most of your wok day sitting or standing stationary, with less than ideal posture, then go home and continue the trend. 

Bad habits play a part in poor posture, but ultimately it's physiological. That's why simply remembering now and again to "sit up straighter" won't fix the problem. You need better flexibility and increased strength to improve your body's balance and stability. That's where physical therapy can come in with a customized exercise and stretching program. 

What's an S.I. joint?

Prevention is the Best Medicine

Knowing when to address that nagging pain before it becomes a larger problem is key. Physical therapy is often thought of after an injury has occured; however, when used proactively, physical therapy can be a great way to keep moving. 

The winter months often have the unintended effect of weakening our core and leg muscles due to a more sedentary lifestyle (can you say "winter hibernation"). Then, when Spring arrives we tend to jump right back into our outside activities without giving our bodies time to adjust. 

​While gardening may not seem like the most strenuous activity, it involves a range of motion that work many muscles and joints, just the same as exercise. A strong core and improved flexibility can help to nip back pain in the bud!

Spring is the time to get outside and get things done! But all

that activity can lead to back pain. Don't let it keep you inside!

Sciatica is a bit of a buzzword. Many of our patients are told they have it, but don't truly understand what the condition is and what the causes could be.

A 21st Century Problem

It's Spring, which means people are up and moving more than ever! Whether you're out exercising, planting new flowers in the garden, or starting a large home renovation, the increase in activity can lead to some unintended consequences. 

Your sacroiliac joint is the foundation of your body. When there's a problem with the foundation, the rest of the structure suffers. By fixing the root of the problem, physical therapists can treat not only the pain, but the cause as well.

Sciatica? Why?