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What track and distance running lack in traumatic injuries, they certainly make up for with frustrating chronic and overuse conditions. Conditions like these are difficult to treat and most often require a period of rest before the athlete can return to their regular activities. Therefore, the best course of action is to prevent chronic and overuse injuries from happening in the first place. 

Dry Needling

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage

Whether your main concern is preventing injury or improving your time, a free Stride Assessment is for you! Using video feedback, you can see the changes in your form live on the screen in front of you while you run. 

Our clinic has been offering Stride Clinics for six years. Over those years we’ve helped hundreds of people improve their technique and enjoy running again via our one-on-one video assessments. From track athletes, to football players, to recreational runners, our evaluations have helped participants run farther, faster, and pain free for years. Whether you’re running for sport or for health, your form is important. While most people know that running regularly leads to improved speed and endurance, most runners neglect to practice the most important aspect of healthy running: technique.

Active Release Technique

Listen To Your Body

While this technique may appear similar in nature to acupuncture, the function is very different. By inserting small needles into dysfunctional muscle tissue, your physical therapist can induce the muscles into returning to a relaxed state, reseting an inflamed muscle and treating a spasm. Effective in treating acute pain caused by a recent injury and chronic pain that has persisted for years due to neuromuscular dysfunction. Dry needling eases the tension of trigger points in the soft tissue to improve flexibility and increase range of motion. By improving blood flow, dry needling can help our patients decrease pain, improve mobility, and overcome limitations. 

Knowing when to address that nagging pain before it becomes a larger problem is key. Physical therapy is often thought of after an injury has occurred; however, when used proactively, physical therapy can be a great way to keep moving. 

There are multiple tools at a physical therapist's disposal, which make them a perfect fit for athletes wishing to take a proactive approach to their sport:

Running / Walking Assessment

Know when to address that nagging pain before

it becomes a larger problem that leaves you on the sidelines.

Similar to ART, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) breaks up scar tissue build-up and restores range of motion. However, IASTM uses massage tools to facilitate the tissue changes. Effective in treating chronic and acute pain caused by trauma, surgery, or repeated strains by creating an inflammation process to facilitate tissue healing and realignment of the muscle fibers. 

Pearson PT Stride Clinics

If you experience plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, or IT band pain, Active Release Technique (ART) is a great way to break up any scar tissue build-up and improve your range of motion.