Pearson Physical Therapy, P.C.

How often do you:

  • wake with a headache
  • get a headache after sitting for periods of time at your computer
  • note a stiff neck pain or soreness along with your headache
  • ​going your teeth at night
  • feel tender or sore "knots" in the muscles of the neck, upper back, and shoulders
  • note that your jaw/shoulders "clench" when under stress or with prolonged work
  • sit most of the day

​If you answered yes to any fo these questions, physical therapy may be able to help you relieve your headaches! Through stretching and targeted exercises, we'll work to relieve the tension in your muscles, realign your spine, and condition your body to prevent the headaches. 

Breaking the Cycle

Physical therapy is definitely worth trying when headaches are too often a part of your everyday life. Treatment can be extremely effective and work quickly to resolve your symptoms. But how do you know if physical therapy can help you?

A Frustrating Condition

Most of us will probably experience a headache at least once in our lives. They can range from a minor twinge of discomfort, to a pain so debilitating that you can barely leave the house. There are many causes of headaches, and while most aren't life-threatening, they can be life-altering. That's where physical therapy can help. 

The International Headache Society identifies many causes for headaches that can be addressed with physical therapy, including:

  • neck trauma (such as whiplash from an auto-accident)
  • jaw disorders
  • neck dysfunction

Muscle tension, dizziness/vertigo, disc pathologies, lack of neck motion, and posture can all contribute to your headaches and are usually treatable through physical therapy. Additionally, many patients who come to physical therapy for such pathologies are also experiencing headaches and often don't know that the two may be connected. 

Everyone thinks a serious headache is a migraine. But in fact, it might not be, and physical therapy could bring surprisingly quick relief.