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Become a better, more stable rider, and shut off that clock with these hip, core, and posture exercises tailored for specifically for riders

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Not sure if it's obvious or not, but Becky is kind of into horses. Specifically, barrel racing. Throughout the years, Becky's noticed that the stronger she is, the better her horse performs. This fall we started working on an exercise and stretching program specifically for riders (competitive or not) to help them perform better and reduce their pain during and after rides. And it's FINALLY DONE!


It’s easy to forget that riders are athletes in their own right. If you’re looking to ride faster and shut off that clock, then you need to be just as strong as the horse that’s underneath you. The goal of this program is to give the rider tools to help minimize back pain, improve core strength, and ride with the best form possible, to stop the clock and stay solid in the saddle.