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Overcoming fear is a huge factor in the success of your recovery. Whether you're an athlete returning from a season ending injury, or a rancher coming back from a massive shoulder surgery, Mr. Hillman talks to Becky about mental strategies and will help you get the most out of your rehab.

Fear is natural. We just have to harness it to our advantage.

Dr. Heber Crockett

Orthopedic Surgeon

New West Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery

Mr. Ty Hillman

Mental Skills Coach

Prepare To Win

Ms. Sheila Kennedy

SHIIP Representative

South Central Agency on Aging

Becky talks with Dr. Crockett about joint health and how to maintain your joints as you age.


Dr. John Jacobsen

Family Physician

Click Family Healthcare

Regenirex is a pain management clinic located in Kearney, and locally available at the Melham Specialty Clinic, that utilizes the latest techniques to help find a solution for you. They offer multiple non-opioid pain management options, including injections, nerve blocks, and regenerative stem cell treatment.

Looking for an alternative to opioids?

Ever wished you could have a direct line to your doctor? Well now you can! Becky sits down with Dr. John Jacobsen to discuss his approach to family medicine, direct primary care. Dr. Jacobsen has recently opened up a clinic in hometown Broken Bow after finding success with his business in Kearney. His clinic is built around the belief that healthcare should be affordable and patient focused.

Becky sits down with Dr. Sextro to learn a little bit more about his approach to hip replacements and advantages to this procedure. With less tissue damage and a smaller incision site, recovery is much faster and the outcomes much better.

Dr. Sextro is locally available at the Melham Specialty Clinic!

Have questions about what parts of Medicare you need to sign up for? What the difference between traditional Medicare and these Medicare Advantage Plans that have commercials on TV? Becky sits down with Sheila from the area Agency on Aging to learn what our seniors options are and what plan will work the best for them.

Sheila makes insurance easy to understand!

Mr. Bryan Messbarger

Nurse Practitioner

Regenirex Advanced Pain Solutions

Dr. Greg Sextro

Orthopedic Surgeon

Central Nebraska Orthopedics

Dr. W. Lee Warren


Great Plains Health

Feet are the foundation of our bodies. If you don't take care of them, it can lead to further pain and injury up the chain. Dr. Wray and Becky discuss all the options he and his staff offer to patients, from traditional surgery to non-invasive options.

He also has some tips for all you sandal lovers out there.

Becky sits down with W. Lee Warren, MD, neurosurgeon at Great Plains Health in North Platte, to discuss faith, medicine, and expanding healthcare access in rural communities.

Dr. Warren, additionally, is a published author, veteran, and podcaster.

Dr. Joshua Wray

Podiatric Physician

Great Plains Foot & Ankle Specialists