If you're spending any time on your feet, whether it's on the track, at your job, or around the house, this is for you! Each participant gets a FREE 30-minute, one-on-one, evaluation with Andrew Mason, MPT, CSCS.​

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What sets our Stride Clinics apart from the competition? We utilize *LIVE* video feedback vs. the standard film and review method. This way you can see and feel in real time the adjustments you're making throughout the session. 

Upcoming Clinic

March 19th - 8am to 12pm

Call to reserve your spot!

Stride Video

Are you concerned about the long-term effects of chronic foot, knee, hip or back pain? Wondering if custom orthotics could help with your pain. Whether you are a competitive runner, spend all day on your feet, or are just wanting to get in better shape and live pain free, come join us!

Each 30-minute appointment includes:

  • Individual assessment with a physical therapist
  • Learn about foot type and shoe recommendations
  • Learn about our custom foot orthotics
  • Gait assessment with video feedback
  • Tips for training management to avoid injury

​FREE pain screenings available to assess your pain and discover if physical therapy could help you!