Pearson Physical Therapy, P.C.

We do not currently have a Stride Clinic on the schedule; however, if you give us a call we can schedule an individual evaluation for you. 

Reserve your 1/2 hour time slot

Broken Bow: (308) 872-5800

Coming Soon

Come in comfortable clothes

and the shoes you walk/run in. ‚Äč

If these times work for you, give us a call and we'll schedule you a stride evaluation at a more convenient time.  

Do you feel frustrated by injuries forcing you to the sideline?
Are you concerned about the long-term effects of chronic foot, knee, hip or back pain? Would you like to run or walk farther, faster and PAIN free?  Whether you are a competitive runner or just wanting to get in better shape, come join us.

This FREE Stride Clinic for anyone who is interested in having a running/walking evaluation. This 30 minute session will include :

  • Individual screening for flexibility, strength, and posture impairment .
  • Foot, shoe and gait assessment with education and recommendations regarding foot type and shoes as indicated
  • Running screen with video feedback and instruction for refinement of technique as needed (using model comparisons to aid in learning)
  • Tips for training management to maximize conditioning progression and avoid overuse injury